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We love our boat, and the upper deck is amazing!

We are always pleased to hear from our customers and their adventures with their new Upper Decks. Mark recently installed his upper deck, and here’s what he has to say so far:

“We get a lot of interest and positive comments from other people that notice us out on the lake because of the unique top. Obviously we are not hard to recognize on our hometown lake, so our friends have no problem finding us out on the water. The grand kids love jumping from the top. When we stop to swim, they don’t stop going up and down until we leave or they are just wore out….”

We love the deck for all the obvious reasons but have also found that there are endless possibilities for using the frame for storage. We have added storage hammocks hanging from the side to throw all the towels, lotions, etc. to keep them handy and keep the clutter under control. I have since modified a ski rack on the back frame to hold a pair of skis up and out of the way. I added a rack underneath that allows me to store up to 8 fishing poles horizontally without taking up any valuable room, and also added some slots to store a few plastic tackle compartment boxes. When we go night fishing we find that the upper deck is perfect to pitch a 2-person tent, held with bungee cords instead of stakes, for those that need to stretch out to sleep without disturbing the others that want to continue fishing.

I also found it to be invaluable for catching bait fish. I have a remote control trolling motor that allows me to maneuver the boat while I’m sitting in a chair up top. From that vantage point I can easily see the bait fish schooling just under the surface of the water and can direct someone below where to throw the cast net while I maneuver the boat in position for them.
I added the upper deck while I was completely renovating the pontoon boat. I have a triple pontoon with a 200 hp Verado motor. The boat still handles fantastic and I can still reach 42 mph w
ith a couple of people on board.  I can honestly say the money I spent on your upper deck was probably the best money spent during the renovation.”  – Mark

Upper Decks for Pontoon boats

Thank you Mark for sharing. If you would like to share your experience or pictures, email us.



Pontoon Boats With Upper Decks Are Heavier Than Pontoon Boats With No Double Deck--- That Is A Fact.
But, Our Upper Decks Do Not Make Your Boat A Tank.


An Upper Deck (or Sun Deck) is the only accessory you can add to a pontoon boat that will increase the value of your boat.