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Frequently asked Questions

How long does it take before I get my deck?

Our production time is about 15-20 business days – shipping is about a week depending on location.

How much does it cost to ship?

Shipping prices vary based on destination. The upper deck kit will ship out of our shop in Clarkdale AZ, and shipping includes the pallet crate and insurance. Average cost for shipping to a commercial address with a forklift or tractor with forks to unload, is $1000.

We can arrange to ship to a residential address and order a lift gate for an additional cost. We don’t upcharge at all for the shipping.

The slide will ship from KY. And shipping cost averages about $900 for the slide.

You are always welcome to pick up, or schedule your own shipping with your preferred freight company. We are happy to give dimensions, weight or pick up addresses.  

How do I install it?

We will provide you with assembly drawings that will include all the dimensions and part locations for the upper deck.

Everyone has their own way of doing installing their upper deck. However, we will supply all the needed hardware (except the adhesive for the carpet, and the pump and tubing for the slide.)

We have everything pre drilled and lined up, and hardware is individually bagged for the corresponding parts: Legs, Deck and Ladder. Each part will have a CAD drawing detailing the location for every screw or bolt.

The upper deck kit comes in panels, and the Coosa board will be attached to each frame. An 8 x 12 deck will have (3) 4 x 8 panels that weigh approximately 85lbs each – these will be the heaviest parts of the deck. They will get bolted together. We recommend 3 to 4 people for installing this part of the upper deck.

How much does it weigh?

An 12ft upper deck, with all accessories, will add about 550lbs to your boat.

How many people / How much weight does it hold?

This is probably our most asked question and the hardest one to answer. Everyone is different in size, and what they plan to do on the deck will be different. A few small kids sunbathing is a very different than a few grown men in a wrestling match when it comes to weight. Therefore, it’s hard to say. We always recommend the use of common sense here. J’s has been in business since 2014, and the only upper deck we have had to replace was due to the fact someone ran it under a bridge.

Our upper decks are sturdy and we trust them for your most precious cargo. We trust that you will know what the limits are and keep your friends and family safe.

J's Upper Decks
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Do you make anything other than Decks?

Yes!! Joe has over 25 years of high end fabrication and manufacturing experience and we are equipped to be a full custom fabrication shop – have a dream you want to bring to life? Give us a call.
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