Js Upper Decks

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J’s Upper DEcks

How its made


We fabricate everything in house! Our deck frames are all aluminum construction, and the substrate for the flooring is ¾” thick Coosa Board Bluewater 26. We paint the underside a light gray, however you will need some sort of covering on the top. We offer marine grade vinyl carpet or you can have us paint both sides if you just want to use the deck for storage or solar panels.

We weld with a Light Weld laser welder from IPG as it provides rock solid good looking welds every time. You can learn more about it here.

Our Process

To start, we will send you a CAD drawing with the required measurements and examples of all the specific photos that we need of your boat to fabricate your deck.

Once you send us the required information along with your desired deck size, accessories and shipping information, we will send you a drawing of what the deck will look like on your boat based on the
measurements that you provided.

Once you approve the drawing, we will send an estimate with the shipping amount. If that is approved, we will send a link for the required 50% deposit, and then we get your deck into production!