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About J’s Upper Decks

J's Upper Decks is owned and operated by Joe Widman and Jessie Pfeiffer.

Located in Clarkdale Arizona.

J's Upper Decks was founded by Jay Fender.

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Our History

J’s Upper Decks was founded in early 2014 by Jay Fender. Fender started J’s Upper Decks after working for 30+ years in the water industry, including in manufacturing, renting and leisure. During that time, he owned and operated J’s Watercraft Works, focused on manufacturing accessories for Yamaha watercraft, and J’s Watercraft Rentals, a waverunner and pontoon rental company serving customers in Arizona, Texas and Florida.

In 2009, Fender purchased a boat with an upper deck for J’s Watercraft Rentals. Recognizing how much rental customers appreciated an upper deck, Fender began designing the quintessential upper deck that could be installed in a do it yourself fashion. The result is a durable, attractive, affordable, and easy to assemble upper deck, that makes J’s the ultimate upper deck manufacturer. For over ten years, J’s Upper Decks has been selling DIY upper deck kits for pontoon boats.

J’s Upper Decks Office

J’s Upper Decks manufactures and operates out of a historic building in Clarkdale, Arizona. Check out how the office has changed over the last 100 years!

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